Centre for Global and Community Engagement

The Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement promotes lifelong community engagement and social responsibility among uOttawa students. Integrating academics with meaningful volunteer service through community and faculty partnerships, the Centre supports students in contributing to stronger communities, positive social change and a more active university locally, nationally and internationally.


Engaged Citizens for Thriving Communities


To foster social responsibility, leadership and skills development, whatever students’ level of engagement.
To cultivate impact-driven partnerships to address community priorities and improve student learning.
To connect students to local and international community engagement opportunities.

Inclusion and respect

We are open, honest and transparent in our dealings with students, community partners and staff.
We treat everyone in a respectful, equitable manner.
We value diversity and accessibility.
We take a positive attitude to new ideas and change.


We build relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
We help connect community engagement to classroom learning.
We work as a team to find solutions.


We enable students to reach their potential by offering opportunities to develop knowledge, transferable skills and social awareness.
We contribute to a culture of social responsibility.
We take responsibility for our actions through self-development and learning.


We practice active listening.
We facilitate mutually beneficial experiential learning opportunities.
We meet stakeholders wherever they are on the continuum of engagement and suggest options based on their needs.

Centre for Global and Community Engagement

Our research is founded on excellence, relevance and impact.

Creating a sustainable environment

Shaping the digital world

Advancing just societies

Enabling lifelong health and wellness

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