Centre for International Governance Innovation

The Centre for International Governance Innovation is an independent, non-partisan think tank whose peer-reviewed research and trusted analysis influence policy makers to innovate. Our global network of multidisciplinary researchers and strategic partnerships provide policy solutions for the digital era with one goal: to improve people’s lives everywhere.

The digital economy, driven largely by data and other intangibles, demands a new approach to international governance across the areas of trade, law, security, economic policy and privacy, to name a few. Policy making is shifting dramatically as governments strive to keep up with new technologies and manage the increasing volume of data flowing across borders. Institutions — national, regional and international — must evolve quickly to fill governance and regulatory gaps exactly at a time when support for international cooperation is lacking.

Our research tackles these issues head-on. Through peer-reviewed research and analysis, our experts and partners around the world are identifying innovative approaches to bridge policy-making silos and fill gaps while pushing for new institutional structures and solutions.

The Economy Is Driven by Data.

The policy and legal architecture needed to effectively govern data, artificial intelligence and platforms is not keeping pace with privacy, competition and consumer protection concerns. Trade policy, financial systems and international standards must be addressed.

New Technologies Threaten Democracy and Security

The international security and geopolitical landscape has changed fundamentally, a shift driven in many ways by new technologies and the lack of internationally accepted rules around their use. Innovation, intellectual property, cyber security, internet and digital platform governance, and online violence issues are at the core of this work.

Global Institutions Must Adapt to the Digital Era

Multilateral institutions must be renewed — or, in some cases, created — to counter the isolationism, dysfunction and stalemate that have hampered responses to some of the world’s biggest challenges. The Group of Twenty and the Group of Seven, the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund are among the key institutions under scrutiny.

A Think Tank for the Digital Era

The Centre for International Governance Innovation is an internationally recognized think tank that addresses significant global issues at the intersection of technology and international governance. The Centre for International Governance Innovation builds bridges from knowledge to power by conducting world-leading research and analysis to offer innovative policy solutions for the digital era, working locally and globally to amplify our research by hosting conferences, workshops, policy round tables and panels.

Centre for International Governance Innovation