In Common Community Development Program

In a world of limitless information and options, we all have more things to do and more places to direct our resources than ever before. In the clutter of communications and choices, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach, interest, and keep the attention of others

Successful organizations recognize that their future lies in building and maintaining strong relationships with their customers and supporters. Targeted knowledge based marketing and relationship development programs are the strategies being employed. Relationship development programs provide the opportunity to learn more about the needs, interest, characteristics, and behaviour of their customers. Knowledge based marketing allows for tailored, targeted, and effective communication of information and opportunities that meet these needs and interests, strengthen the relationship, and increase the transaction activity and lifetime value of each customer.

The Canadian Council for International Cooperation can capitalize on marketing know-how and technology to create a community of people with the common interest of eradicating global poverty by providing them with information, opportunities, and additional incentives to support commercial and not-for-profit organizations who are contributing to this agenda.

The program would provide the Canadian Council for International Cooperation with:

  • The ability to rapidly increase awareness of the campaign, create a community of global citizens who are concerned about the issue, increase the size of that community through the communication activities of participating organizations, and generate ongoing revenue for the Canadian Council for International Cooperation to support the campaign and its communication activities
  • The ability to attract additional not-for-profit and for-profit organizations as participants in the in common campaign
  • The ability to develop a better educated community on issues in the in common agenda and the opportunities available to contribute
  • The ability to mobilize the community on issues of concern

Roger Chilton
Go Direct Marketing