Drums for Compassion for Haiti
Drummers without Borders

Chief Leonard George's drum call and anthem will introduce an enchanting evening of percussion. Talking drum and drum beats, individual solos, group collaboration, poly-rhythmic syncopation, and creative conversation by drummers from the many cultures living in Canada with an opportunity for audience participation to top the evening.

Three times Juno award winner, Alpha Ya Ya Diallo, World Music Album of the Year nominee Celso Machado, and a long line up of many other great drummers from Korea, Japan, Iran, Haiti, Indonesia, India, First Nations and around the globe will be drumming for Haiti.

Sunday, June 13, 2010
7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
The Cultch

For tickets
Box Office 604-251-1363

Drums for Compassion

Proceeds go to
Doctors Without Borders
and Partners In Health
for medical relief work in Haiti.

Drums for Compassion is creating connections with communities in Haiti recovering from natural disaster, and creating connections to community enterprises who are contributing to communities in Haiti.

Dr. Godwin Eni, a leader in international development, health, and social services, will introduce this evening of call and response with observations on how we create communities without borders.

Special guest Takeo Yamashiro from Hiroshima, Japan will blow winds of change on Shakuhachi to close this celebration of our cultures, our drums, and our ability to create connections with the drummers beat.

Multiculturalism is giving all of us the opportunity to keep, celebrate, and create connections with our cultures. Creating connections with our cultures contributes to our understanding and appreciation of our cultural differences, our unique cultural contributions, and our ability to create communities without borders...Dr. Godwin Eni

Dr. Eni has contributed to the Vancouver Multicultural Society, the Affiliation of Multicultural Societies in BC, the BC Citizenship Council, and the School Board Diversity Committee on learning multiculturalism in our schools.

Our drummers without borders are creating connections with their creative contribution and communities without borders with their compassion.

For more information contact
Themba Tana
or call 604 929 9509