Water Projects in Port au Prince, Haiti

Currently being undertaken by David Putt and Kevin MacLellan


Here are the three projects I am working on organizing with Pure Water and where funds could be applied:

Restoration of the Soleil 4 water centre.

This was originally built by the Salesian brothers, was refurbished by a group of Minneapolis Catholics in 2004 and was badly damaged by UN troops in 2005. The centre serves at least 20,000 people in Cite Soleil and was a once an important social centre for the community. It includes a 100,000 gallon underground cistern which was slightly
damaged in the earthquake but it has been repaired and continues in use. The project planned by Pure Water, working with Kevin Maclellan of Minneapolis who initiated the 2004 repairs, is to:

Repair the above ground plumbing and water tanks which will allow rapid distribution of water from the cistern

Install a diesel pump which will allow water to be pumped into the above ground tanks and distributed in a sanitary way without dipping potentially contaminated buckets into the cistern

Rebuild the walls of the water compound which were damaged in the earthquake and build smaller secure compounds where tools and the pump can be safely stored

Drill and furnish a well in the compound. The well water is likely to be saline and contaminated.

Install a reverse osmosis unit to treat the saline water. Charge for the water by requiring one or two discarded plastic bottles to be turned in for each bucket of water provided.
This would reduce the garbage on the streets and if it works, create a sustainable water source. Port Au Prince is running out of water in the main aquifer which serves the city.

* In parts of Cite Soleil (Village Rappatrie) there are wells which
have sweet water but it is contaminated and the water is not
useable for drinking. The well water is another sustainable water
source. Pure Water wants to identify all the wells in the area,
clean them as much as possible by repairing the covers, liners and
so on and then install biosand filters to purify the water. The
first priority would be to get water into the local schools along
with a hygiene education programme (as was in progress before the
quake) and then work towards getting filters into people’s homes.

* Experiment with collecting rain water in some of the more
developed parts of Cite Soleil, storing it in reservoirs which
already exist and/or building small reservoirs. Again the idea is
to build up a local and sustainable source of water that does not
depend on trucking of water from a diminishing reservoir.


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