What We Can Do

Whether we recognize it or not, ending poverty is the agenda. The conditions that allow poverty to persist also shape our future prospects. Security and prosperity cannot endure in a world where so may live in desperate situations, where wealth is the entitlement of just a few. The United Nations recognized this when it said that achieving a minimum standard if living that ensures global prosperity and security is the challenge of our times.

What We Can Do, A 10-Point Agenda for Global Action Against Poverty provides a clear understanding of poverty and the actions we can take to end it. It identifies ten key areas that collectively address the range of factors that create and perpetuate poverty.

The 10-Point Agenda is part of a broader sustained campaign called in common. Over 100 organizations, working on the front lines of social justice, humanitarian aid, economic and democratic development, – both in Canada and the developing world, – have joined together under the in common banner.

We share the conviction that the eradication of poverty is a moral imperative, and a practical possibility. The goal to end poverty is rooted not just in a sense of crisis, or injustice but of possibility. It’s focused. It’s practical. It’s achievable. It is not a call to charity but a call to humanity, justice, and equity, – necessary if we are all to prosper. It’s an agenda that leads to actions that leads, – with your help, – to solutions.

Kofi A. Annan
Secretary-General, United Nations – PDF

The Ten Point Agenda